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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 I was wanting to blog more but haven't really came up with anything. Seeing how my fiance is in  Indiana for a week I have been staying at my place in the city. Instead of at my parents so no pics of the animals :(.  I cant wait for Amanda to come home later this week so I can give her the present I got her. I am sure you guys will find out about it soon after I give it to her.
My favorate Platter to do been making a lot of them

I work as a Asst deli manager at a supermarket so this week is probably the busiest of the year. Brings a whole new meaning to the terms not knowing which way to turn and running around like a chicken with its head cut off. At least there are only two more days of it but those will be the two busiest yet. I cant lie I enjoy the excitement and the challenge. We have a mess load of platters to do so much so that someone is coming in a 3 30 am on christmas eve to start them

Have FUN!!!!!


  1. Looks Yummy.....Merry Christmas, Isaiah

  2. those look pretty amazing... just like you! =) miss you Love!
    Ummm... you just told me you didn't get me a present...
    cannot wait to see you! love you babe!