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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Family and More About Me

Left to Right Kenton, Michael (Katrina's Fiance) Katrina, Scottie, Natey, Merci, Alevia, Me, Amanda,(my fiance)and my Mom.

    I figured that I probably should share more about me because my 'about me' probably is not enough. I thought I would share some pictures of my siblings as well. First of all, I love animals, if you couldn't already tell from my blog so far ;). My blog will probably mostly about animals and pictures of the great outdoors.

    I used to breed and raise Tropical angelfish. Before I moved out, I had 13 fish tanks and several thousand dollars worth of fish. It was my largest passion since we moved from a hundred acre farm to just under three acres. So fish were pretty much the only animal I could really have seeing how there were no barns or fences for livestock. I currently just have one 55 gallon fish tank in my parent's living room. I now work full time and really don't have enough time to sink into a large fish breeding operation.

   I currently have rabbits, goats, ducks, and chickens. My goat is a purebred Lamancha Doe named Firefly. We should have baby goats within the next few months as we think two of our does are due in December or January.

   I currently spend most of my time working and hanging out with my fiance. I have 8 siblings ranging in age from 21 to 5. I posted a picture of me and the six youngest ones.

   Have Fun

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