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Sunday, February 24, 2013


 photo B0CF4EF7-92D2-4ADE-B244-E4D14355EA63-6152-000002F5C0971483_zps847a7004.jpg
       I have moved from Torrington CT to Southbend IN. Most of my animals are still back in CT being taken care of by my brothers. But my two dogs and my fish are here. I will share any pictures of the farm animals as I get them from my brothers Suzie is due a week from today we cant wait she is so big. Meanwhile I am looking for a job trying to make new friends. I decided to stop by a Killifish show about 13 miles from me so I thought I would show you a few pictures of the awesome fish. Not really a expert on Killies and I should of wrote the names of them down so I could tell you but anyways here are some awesome Killies.
    I also picked up 5 huge lyertail Swordtails for my tank and to breed, one of them already had fry I managed to save three of them.
  photo 53CCC925-7032-46A6-9863-7706B0B9BBC8-6152-000002F25A460C9F_zps972299e2.jpg  photo 3382BCB1-EB48-4EFF-A75B-DA1762D4DFD4-6152-000002F24A8C75E1_zps4268a51f.jpg  photo 08579E7E-3039-4ED0-B38D-7BE6568DE968-6152-000002F23F1F81A4_zps9e0b55f3.jpg  photo 09D017D2-5E1F-4F21-BE7C-2F88526D16D3-6152-000002F21E5B22BD_zpsec295072.jpg  photo 5EB9EFF7-1EA8-4467-B8B9-1C8026206D31-6152-000002F0727B94B7_zps4427abb7.jpg  photo 0D35051E-7BB8-4E90-9504-F3D97AF1C749-6152-000002F08B5A5F6F_zps5d333f69.jpg  photo 3F77DC18-6D43-4368-BB9B-1FA78FA011B0-6152-000002EFC3FD41B3_zps7bebc4a6.jpg photo D9DCBE5E-B01E-41A5-965B-EB3B686F0935-6152-000002EF1065D507_zps9a213a5b.jpg  photo D6431ED8-1F74-4A7B-9FA7-A3B0811699B0-6152-000002EEF00F0B4A_zpsd09ecb79.jpg  photo CE10132B-D223-47F6-9BF9-1CB8E85D69B1-6152-000002EEE6A69432_zps9007c17a.jpg  photo 84D32022-E053-4E73-A154-7E972BA8C86E-6152-000002EE85AD863F_zps8bd2de87.jpg  photo A832235E-2D77-475E-B7A8-47B8AE703279-6152-000002EDF74F76B3_zpsac70eede.jpg  photo 0AE373CF-F376-403A-AA64-4500BCF6D2F8-6152-000002EDD0543C9B_zps8b14271a.jpg  photo B4B7E542-CD51-4F7E-80D8-D99DA637F812-6152-000002EDC6F51679_zpsb220b605.jpg  photo 1C026BDF-3326-4206-AB51-BA3605F2F573-6152-000002EDBC7E4A10_zps4ba6abdb.jpg  photo 58865B77-C515-4CAA-98BB-35769AA94ACD-6152-000002EDA775A9BC_zpsb89b67e4.jpg photo 62E6E9E4-0FAA-404B-97C4-37DC432EECA1-6152-000002ED9160894C_zpsc219286b.jpg  photo fishiesindiana031_zps4803e646.jpg

Friday, January 4, 2013

My Planted Tank is Starting!

  As some of you may know, I am a avid fish keeper specializing in freshwater Angelfish. I used to run 15 fishtanks and breed quite a bit now I just have two tanks and can only raise the occasional spawn. I redid my forty six gallon corner tank today. I got some plants from one of my friends I met back in 2006 she is now the planted tank columnist for TFH (Tropical Fish Hobbyist) magazine. I got to visit her fishroom today (no pictures of that I forgot my camera gahhhh) which was very nice with a few beautiful display tanks.
The Plants
Tank Before
Here I am struggling  with my driftwood
Plants laid out
I will post some more pictures of the tank in the next few days once it has a chance to settle down a bit