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Monday, November 14, 2011

A long time and lots of new faces on the Farm

Alejandro our Junior registered Lamancha Stud
The Deer Path Duck Flock
After a busy crazy summer with work and searching craigslist for good deals on animals, I am back at least for this post. My duck flock now consists of five hens and one drake the hens where freebies I found on craigslist. They look to be call crosses. They enjoy flying around and fighting with one of the neighbors flock of twenty full sized ducks . We now have eight goats, two bucks and 6 does. Five of the does are bred four of them to proven lamancha stud Jasper. One a saanen  was given to us bred to a registered saanen buck. We bought Alejandro to bring new blood in and so we could raise registered Lamanchas. Jasper is currently being rented by HarlequinFarm.blogspot.com. We also acquired a pair of blue slate heritage breed turkeys. I sold some of my rabbits chickens but I also picked up two delaware hens a breed of chicken I have loved working with. 

one of the Lionheads I have bred

Blue Slate Tom

Enjoy Have Fun and I'll try to be back SOON

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